3 way switchCabling can be confusing when you don’t have an idea what to do next. Wires are necessary to have a constant flow of transmission from the switch to your lights. Finding the cause of your wiring problems can be challenging, but there is always a way to simplify it. It’s never easy to start with the switch installation but getting familiar with it makes your life easier.  

3-Way Light Switch Wiring

There are a few things to understand. During the switch installation, the 3-wire cable consists of colors black, white and bare copper. If you’re a homeowner and want a successful installation, controlling the black wire is very important. The black wire is considered as the hot wire which has the power load going to two different places. Some certified electricians prefer to have one or two boxes in one room and control the lighting system for two separate locations.

3-way switches can be a typical setup at homes with hallways and variations of stairs. That said, most homeowners are meticulous when it comes to overall switch installation. Common issues faced by property owners are improper connection of wires to the designated terminal. The practical advice is to mark the right wires that are connected before replacing them with new ones. This helps to avoid connecting them to a wrong terminal. 3-way wire connection is not as hazardous as the one you see during the traditional electrical wiring.  If you have tried setting it up yourself and still having difficulty, it’s better to ask a professional in this field.