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Can a Journeyman Electrician Complete My Home’s Electrical Job?

Experiencing electrical issues in your home can be very stressful and inconvenient. Electrical issues can also cause serious safety concerns for your home as electrical problems can lead to fires or serious…

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Top Safety Hazards Associated with Emergency Electrical Repair

We rely on electricity to help make our home comfortable and safe. We use electricity to power our home appliances and to keep our homes warm and cozy during those cooler nights….

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Signs You Are in Need Emergency Electrical Repairs

Home Electrical Repairs  We depend on our electrical systems in our homes for almost everything from heating and cooling to using our daily appliances. Knowing what type of electrical repairs are considered…

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How Outdoor Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Security

outdoor lamp installation

Our outdoor spaces can be a great place to host gatherings or to spend time with our family and friends. But at night, these spaces often become dark and depending on the…

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What’s Missing From Your Portable Generator Safety Checklist?

portable generator

Generator Safety Tips Portable generators can be wonderful as they can be used if the power is out during a storm or natural disaster, such as a flood, tornado or hurricane. They…

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Top Signs and Symptoms of Home Electrical Wiring Problems

home electrical wiring problem

Home Electrical Wiring Systems We use electricity to power almost everything in our homes. As such, we rely on our home electrical wiring systems to operate smoothly and efficiently. Problems with electrical…

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Switching to LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs

Looking for Ways to Cut Energy Costs? Try Switching to LED Light Bulbs When choosing lighting for your home or office, the choices may seem overwhelming. But replacing your existing bulbs with…

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Thinking of Electrical DIY? Here’s Why You Need a Licensed Electrician

Licensed Electrician

Hiring a Licensed Santa Rosa Electrician for Electrical Services Technology has revolutionized the way we execute home improvements. We live in a world where we have access to guides and tutorials at…

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Why Outdoor Lighting Can Be a Great Addition to Your Home and Outdoor Gatherings

outdoor lighting

Installing Outdoor Lighting We use our backyards and patios for a variety of things. Whether you are hosting a summer barbeque or sitting around a fire during the winter, we use the…

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How to Do a Recessed Lighting Installation Like a Pro

Recessed Lighting Installation

Installing Recessed Lighting Lighting can instantly change the mood and look of a room and home. Recessed lighting can be a great option for your home as it will go with almost…

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