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Winterizing Your Home Electrical System

Winter Home Electrical System

Winter brings ice, snow, and other weather phenomena that can affect your home’s electrical system. Before the cold sets in, it’s best to prepare your home by checking everything and making upgrades…

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What Happens During An Electrical Fire?

house fire

Faulty electrical wiring cause the majority of house fires. Whether your house is new or old, you should have the wiring checked every year to lower the risk of an electrical fire….

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The Five Biggest Electrical Dangers In Your Home

overloaded electrical circuit

Electrical issues are the leading cause of house fires. To prevent fires and accidents caused by electricity, you need to identify the electrical dangers in your home. Here are the most common…

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Lightbulb Wars: LED Vs. Fluorescent

led and incandescent bulb

With incandescent bulbs already phased out, your options for lighting are now either fluorescent or LED. Which is the better light bulb? Let’s look into it: Lighting Options LED bulbs LEDs, or…

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How To Install A Dimmer Switch

dimmer switch installation

Adjustable overhead lighting is a great feature for any home. It makes any room more comfortable and, if you plan on ever selling your home, this will increase its value. Installation of…

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Electrical Service: Do I Need Special Equipment To Charge An Electric Car?

Electrical Service for Charging an Electric Car

When people think about getting an electric car, one of the first things they want to know is how these cars are charged. It’s one of the more complicated aspects of owning…

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3 Reasons To Hire A Licensed Electrician

3 Reasons To Hire A Licensed Electrician

Thinking of remodeling your home or rewiring your kitchen? Let’s look into why you should always hire a licensed electrician instead of doing the work yourself or hiring someone unqualified. Why You…

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Can a Journeyman Electrician Complete My Home’s Electrical Job?

Journeyman Electrician

Experiencing electrical issues in your home can be very stressful and inconvenient. Electrical issues can also cause serious safety concerns for your home as electrical problems can lead to fires or serious…

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Top Safety Hazards Associated with Emergency Electrical Repair

electrical safety hazards

We rely on electricity to help make our home comfortable and safe. We use electricity to power our home appliances and to keep our homes warm and cozy during those cooler nights….

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Signs You Are in Need Emergency Electrical Repairs

Emergency Electrical Repairs

Home Electrical Repairs  We depend on our electrical systems in our homes for almost everything from heating and cooling to using our daily appliances. Knowing what type of electrical repairs are considered…

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