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How Do Electrical Systems Work?

Electrical systems distribute electricity throughout the home so we can use it for light and for powering up our appliances. Electricity is provided by a local utility company and arrives at your…

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Home Electrical Inspection: A Detailed Overview

Electrical problems are one of the main causes of residential fires in the United States. In addition, inadequate or old electrical wiring and the improper use of outlets and switches are among…

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Cost Of Upgrading An Electrical Panel

There are several reasons you may want to upgrade your home’s electrical panel. Maybe you are remodeling your home or adding an extension. Maybe the house is really old with low amperage….

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Types Of Electrical Outlets And Switches

If you’re considering making changes to your electrical wiring at home, you need to get acquainted with the different types of electrical outlets and switches. Here’s a quick rundown: Types of electrical…

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How To Determine If A GFCI Outlet Is Defective

Before the widespread use of ground fault current interrupting (GFCI) outlets, hundreds of people died of electrocution every year in the United States. Today, because we have adopted the GFCI outlet, the…

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7 Health Benefits Of LED Lighting

Aside from helping us lower our energy bills, LED lighting also does wonders for our health. How? Read on to learn about some of the health benefits of LED lighting. Health Benefits…

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3 Life Hacks For Better Kitchen Lighting

In many homes, the kitchen is the nerve center. It’s where families spend most of their time together — preparing meals, chatting, entertaining guests, and doing homework. It serves as the dining…

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Upgrade Your Home With Versatile Track Lights

track light fixtures

Gone are the days of track lights on bulky tracks and with unattractive fixtures. Today, whatever your design sense, there are track lights that will surely fit the bill. These lighting solutions…

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Transform Your Home With The Magic Of Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting

Good lighting is important in the kitchen. You need sufficient light to be able to safely cook your meals. Good kitchen lighting also makes the space more comfortable and inviting. It also…

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Lighting Repair: How To Replace A Light Ballast

fluorescent light repair

Have you noticed that one of your fluorescent light fixtures is flickering or producing a buzzing sound? It’s time to do some minor lighting repair. Here are the steps to replacing a…

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