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Rewire Your Circuit Breaker Only With A Licensed Electrician

circuit breaker rewiring

There are simple ways to do circuit breaker rewiring, but if you’re doing it on your own, you better think twice. Common mistakes occur when people do rewiring the wrong way. Proper…

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Upgrading Your Underground Electrical Service In Your Home

residential electrical installation

Traditional setup is very common in residential areas. In fact, most people consider their electrical service as something very important but often ignored. Why is that? Because it entails a lot of…

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The Truth about Electrical Fires

dangerous damaged electrical cord

Electricity comes with risks especially if you don’t know how to manage electrical systems. Most people know that one common incident is seeing an electrical fire. There are many things we can…

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4 Electrical Dangers in the Workplace

electrical danger in the workplace

Identifying possible accidents that can occur in workplaces can save lives. With all the precautionary measures, it’s not an excuse if you don’t know any of them. Educating yourself about electricity is…

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Get to Know Your Home Electrical System

home electrical system inspection

Most people rely on professionals especially when it comes to home maintenance. If it’s going to be a technical problem, they call for immediate support. There’s nothing wrong with it. However, it…

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5 Warning Signs Your Home Is in Danger of an Electrical Fire

fire in overloaded power strip

Nobody wants to play with fire. Fire incidents happen due to negligence and overload of electric current. Unable to control the flow of electricity will result in serious problems. What happens next?…

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Why Hire A Diamond Certified Electrician?

mister sparky

If you need someone to do electrical work for you, you need to hire a certified electrician to ensure that the electrical issue is fixed and that the safety of your home…

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5 Qualifications To Look For In A Home Electrician

Home Electrician in Santa Rosa, CA

Whether you need a light fixture fitted or a complete rewiring of your residential electrical system, you will need to find a competent and reliable home electrician to do the job. Hiring…

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How Much Does It Cost To Solar Power Your Home?

solar power system installation

The cost of solar power has gone down significantly in the last decade. In fact, it is at its most affordable in over 30 years. Aside from the lower cost, solar power…

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How Do Electrical Systems Work?

electrical power system

Electrical systems distribute electricity throughout the home so we can use it for light and for powering up our appliances. Electricity is provided by a local utility company and arrives at your…

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