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Tools and Equipment That Electricians Use for Electrical Projects

electrician tools

Electrical installation or repair work will not go on well without the right tools. Since basic electric work tools have undergone many improvements, there newer more specialized tools for various tasks. The…

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Do’s And Don’ts of Finding a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Santa Rosa, CA

finding qualified electrician

Electrical work can range from something as simple as retrofitting your business to something as complex as remodeling your building. For both jobs, you need a qualified electrician. Finding the best Santa…

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Electrician Job Types And Responsibilities

Electrician Job Types

If you are a homeowner or member of the business community looking to engage a Santa Rosa electrician, you should know which kind you need for the job you want to be…

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Electricians For Home Repairs

home electrician

Any project that has something to do with electricity needs to be handled with a lot of care. Just like plumbing, a homeowner might get away with small repairs such as installing…

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World’s First Digital Circuit Breaker For Commercial Use

digital electrical device

Atom Power has recently released the world’s first ever digital circuit breaker. It is now available for commercial use. Experts believe that through this, people can now manage their electricity faster and…

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How To Find the Right Replacement Circuit Breaker

replacement circuit breaker

Is your circuit breaker in need of changing? Make sure that you find the right replacement circuit breaker. Finding the right circuit breaker is important. The wrong one can create all sorts…

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3-Way Switch Installation

switch installation

Cabling can be confusing when you don’t have an idea what to do next. Wires are necessary to have a constant flow of transmission from the switch to your lights. Finding the…

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Rewire Your Circuit Breaker Only With A Licensed Electrician

circuit breaker rewiring

There are simple ways to do circuit breaker rewiring, but if you’re doing it on your own, you better think twice. Common mistakes occur when people do rewiring the wrong way. Proper…

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Upgrading Your Underground Electrical Service In Your Home

residential electrical installation

Traditional setup is very common in residential areas. In fact, most people consider their electrical service as something very important but often ignored. Why is that? Because it entails a lot of…

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The Truth about Electrical Fires

dangerous damaged electrical cord

Electricity comes with risks especially if you don’t know how to manage electrical systems. Most people know that one common incident is seeing an electrical fire. There are many things we can…

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