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How to Do a Recessed Lighting Installation Like a Pro

Recessed Lighting Installation

Installing Recessed Lighting Lighting can instantly change the mood and look of a room and home. Recessed lighting can be a great option for your home as it will go with almost…

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Why You Should Hire a Professional For your Home’s Electrical Panel Installation

electrical panel installation

Thinking about installing your home’s electrical panel? Think again. While we are in the age of do it yourself with online guides and tutorials, an electrical panel installation can be very dangerous…

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Why You Need an Electrical Safety Inspection

electrical safety inspection service

Most people do not call in a contractor until there is an issue with their homes. However, waiting until there is an obvious issue can cause a safety hazard for your family…

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When Should I Replace My Electrical Outlets?

electrical outlet

We use electricity every day in our homes and usually, we do not notice if our electrical systems are running smoothly as it is such an integral part of your home. However,…

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Why Do I Need Dedicated Circuits for My Appliances?

dedicated circuit

A home’s wiring system is very complex and has several built in safety measures. For instance, dedicated circuits are used for major appliances so they will not overload the circuit and trip…

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When Do You Need Circuit Breaker Replacements?

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Circuit breakers are important parts of a home electrical system. Many people do not give circuit breakers a second thought until there is an issue.  A newly installed circuit breakers can operate smoothly…

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Can Old House Wiring Be Dangerous?

house wiring

Older homes can be some of the most beautiful as they are often rich in architecture and history, that many newer homes simply do not have. Although historic homes have many great…

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Why Your Home Needs Better Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Your home is your sanctuary as you spend a great amount of time building memories with your loved ones. The right kind of lighting and illumination can change the way your home…

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Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

light bulbs

FAQ: Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing? Light bulbs can blow for a number of reasons, and we will try to cover all the possibilities today in this post. We will…

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How To Choose a Breaker Panel

circuit breaker panel

What You Need To Ask Before Choosing A New Breaker Panel How much power? A panel is sized by the amperage it can handle, so make sure you pick a panel that…

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