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Lightbulb Wars: LED Vs. Fluorescent

With incandescent bulbs already phased out, your options for lighting are now either fluorescent or LED. Which is the better light bulb? Let’s look into it: Lighting Options LED bulbs LEDs, or…

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How To Install A Dimmer Switch

dimmer switch installation

Adjustable overhead lighting is a great feature for any home. It makes any room more comfortable and, if you plan on ever selling your home, this will increase its value. Installation of…

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Top Signs and Symptoms of Home Electrical Wiring Problems

home electrical wiring problem

Home Electrical Wiring Systems We use electricity to power almost everything in our homes. As such, we rely on our home electrical wiring systems to operate smoothly and efficiently. Problems with electrical…

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Switching to LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs

Looking for Ways to Cut Energy Costs? Try Switching to LED Light Bulbs When choosing lighting for your home or office, the choices may seem overwhelming. But replacing your existing bulbs with…

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How to Do a Recessed Lighting Installation Like a Pro

Recessed Lighting Installation

Installing Recessed Lighting Lighting can instantly change the mood and look of a room and home. Recessed lighting can be a great option for your home as it will go with almost…

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Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

light bulbs

FAQ: Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Blowing? Light bulbs can blow for a number of reasons, and we will try to cover all the possibilities today in this post. We will…

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