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Residential Electrical Services San Refael by Mr. Sparky

It can be tough to find experienced residential electrical services San Rafael, especially an electrical services that offer highly experienced and high quality standards. Electrical service that is not held to high quality standards can lead to expensive repairs or dangerous electrical emergencies. San Rafael has high quality residential electrical services offered by Mr. Sparky.

Mr. Sparky offers a full range of electrical services. These services include breaker repair, electrical fixture installation, and landscape lighting. Another major service that Mr. Sparky provides is emergency electrical services in San Rafael. If you have a dangerous power surge, exposed live wire, or any other electrical emergency, Mr. Sparky and quickly and efficiently repair the problem.

Mr. Sparky is confident in the high quality and service of its electricians and offers a true 100% satisfaction guarantee to you. You can rely on us for any electrical service you need and you can trust us to get it done right.